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Destiny provides the answer to how to use chatbots in internet commerce on Facebook.  It comes with a 30 video instruction course, PDFs, cheatsheets, and  FBMastermind access.  This is a method of the future, now is the time to learn and implement it!

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                        Chatbox Marketing Made Easy!


        Have you even heard of a Chatbot? Does the idea of using a chatbot intimidate you? They have not been around long, but are beginning to make a presence in online communications and commerce.  These little time-saving helpers communicate your message to those engaged with your Facebook promotions in real time when you cannot be there.  JayKay Dowdall has provided the explanation to help us understand the potential of chatbots and successfully implement them into our daily affiliate communications.

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        This new Strategy Combines FREE TRAFFIC With the Untapped Potential of Affiliate Messenger Bots to show how to Create $100-$400 Profit in 24hrs…

        Chatbots are a big part of the future of Internet Marketing. Unlike other training that promote chatbots as the “replacement to email marketing”, DESTINY will teach you that chatbots are an excellent addition to an any kind of email marketing, or even as a great stand-alone method to earn affiliate commissions.

        DESTINY will teach your how to setup a customer centered chatbot that engages with traffic, promotes affiliate products, also tags and segments users based on their engagement with the chatbot.  It even adds new chatbot subscribers to their autoresponder – on autopilot.

        DESTINY includes over 30 videos, PDFs, cheat-sheets, FB Mastermind Access, and more.  This thorough training explaining WHY Chatbots work, HOW to create one yourself, WHAT to do with them once you have created one, and WHERE to promote your chatbot for free for maximum engagement and subscribers.  Go to the presentation page for more information about the bonuses.

Special bonus from Valornet: 

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial: Step-by-Step Instructions for Building a Basic Facebook Chat Bot

This professionally presented, easy to follow tutorial will speed you on your way to implementing the instruction in Destiny.  To get this bonus, send a copy of your receipt with the words,  “Bonus Claim: Destiny” to valornet@valerieknies.com.

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        I have bought a copy already. This method training is essential to keeping up with the future of affiliate marketing.  Let Chatbots be your virtual assistants to help you to your Destiny . . . success!

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Special bonus from Valornet: 

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial: Step-by-Step Instructions for Building a Basic Facebook Chat Bot

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