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IMChecklist ACCESS

There are lots of reasons to get this!

Every month you get ACCESS to all 300+ IMChecklists for the launch price of the next list. Comes with all the training videos,the Gold Training Vault with 20 Hours of Webinar Instruction, PLUS PLR RIGHTS to the Checklists! This is excellent value for a profitable product!  Highly recommended by Valornet!


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IM Checklist Access


Valornet presents:

IMChecklist Access

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I have been promoting IMChecklist since I started working as an internet marketing affiliate. I believe this is a product that will help people wherever they are in their personal quest to make money online.  

A newbie, product creator, affiliate, author, coach or email marketer… everyone will get an enormous amount of knowledge from IM Checklist.

Kevin Fahey, the creator of the IMChecklists does not claim to be an expert in all the topics listed below. He’s been marketing online since 2007, been around the block, made connections and actually, he outsources many parts of his business.

So not all the volumes were created by Kevin. Over the month’s he’s teamed up with Social Media Experts, Book Publishing Experts, an Outsourcing Expert, SEO Experts and many others. Kevin is committed to giving you quality, up-to-date actionable content that you can use in many ways. 

The beauty of this package is that you pay one time every month the launch price of the next IMChecklist, only $17.00.  However, you get access to that checklist, PLUS everything else in the package.  To find out how much and how valuable that is, keep on reading…..

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So far there are 16 topics covered and over 300 checklists.

V15 YouTube Advertising

V14 Search Engline Optmization

V13 Make Money Online 
V12 Offline Business Startup
V11 Building A Business On WordPress
V10 Self Publishing
V9 Outsourcing 
V8 Messenger Marketing
V7 Newbie Marketer
V6 Canva Design 
V5 Video Marketing 
V4 Affiliate Marketing
V3 Social Media 
V2 Email Marketing 
V1 Product Creation
GDPR Checklist 

This is truly a list to get excited about, and there are more to come every month!

Each volume contains over-the-shoulder video training to help you get the most of out the topic. Not only will you get full access to the checklists and the video training from the start, you will also get access to the Gold Training vault which includes 16 one hour webinar replays.

Ready to take the leap and see how helpful IM Checklist will be for you?

Go Ahead and Create Your Account …   

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If not yet, let Kevin Fahey tell you about some of the things you can do with these checklists.

“#1 – Educate Yourself – These checklists were originally created for Kevin’s students to follow to give them a solid, proven step by step process to complete any task. Each paid between $1,000 and $5,000 for access. With that said, you can ensure the quality is high.

#2 – Create Quality Blogs Posts – We’re already in the process of creating blog posts using specific checklists. By adding a few images and some extra SEO friendly text, we have blog posts ready to go minutes. From here we will be running paid traffic to blog posts, targeting new interests (cold audience), building trust and then following up with the lead and sale.

#3 – Create Lead Magnets – You have got the right to give these checklists away individually as lead magnets which is precisely what we do with massive success. Take the video marketing checklist, where we are using this to build our list and follow up marketing our own video related products and others.

#4 – Re-brand & Resell – Easily re brand the checklists, include links to recommended products that services where you earn commission and build a buyers list. Win in three different ways.

#5 – Done For You Product Idea – Each checklist series took me weeks to create ensuring every part is covered on that particular topic in great detail. The hardest part about creating a product is “the idea” and then “the complete outline”. All the work is done for you.”

Go Here To Get Access to IMChecklist!

This a deal not to pass up...

Never be stuck for the right information again for you or your clients.

All checklists come in 6 different formats.IMChecklist Access Ad

1. Online Forms
2. Google Spreadsheets
3. Excel Spreadsheets
4. MindMaps
5. PDF’s
6. Editable Doc Files.

Plus you also get full Private Label Rights

You CAN turn them into PowerPoint Presentations.
You CAN edit, add graphics and re-brand in any way you wish.
You CAN claim full authorship.
You CAN use them to create a video training course.
You CAN add them to a membership site.
You CAN use them to build your email list (individual checklists only)
You CAN use them to create blog posts or infographics
You CAN translate them into different languages

It does not get any better than this.
So, You get over 300 Completed Checklists, all the Checklists to be created, All of the Training videos and also the …


IMChecklist Gold Vault

After you purchase IMChecklist Access you will get instant access to all checklists by creating a username and password on our secure site.

Each month 18 new checklists covering a topic related to online marketing will be released.

  • Monetizing Your Blog Webinar Replay
  • PLR Training Webinar Replay
  • Product Launch Case Study Plus Outsourcing
  • ManyChat Messenger Bots Training Webinar
  • 90 Day Action Plan Webinar Replay
  • PLR Training Webinar Replay
  • Many Chat Messenger Bot Training
  • IM Video Ads Training Webinar
  • Affiliate Marketing Part 2 – Traffic, Leads & Sales
  • Affiliate Marketing Part 1 – Research & Planning
  • Social Media Fan Page Setup Webinar Replay
  • Email Marketing Q n A Webinar Replay
  • Product Creation 1 – Effective Launch Methods
  • Product Creation  2 – Planning For Success

After purchase you will get instant access to all checklists by creating a username and password on the IMChecklist secure site.

This package is only is $17.00 per month!  Gain full access to IMChecklist plus the training videos and instructional webinars. Also, the PLR Rights are extremely valuable. You can access and absorb this information over several months if that is what it takes, or just try it for a period of time and then check out. This is an investment in your online money making pursuit, whatever it is!  If your niche is not yet covered, it will be. In the meantime, this excellent caliber of training at this low price does not come about every day.  Take advantage of this opportunity today! Check Out the IM Checklist Access!

Go Here To Get Access to IMChecklist!

Determined to Make Your Life and Your Business Better!

Valerie Knies


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