Sleeper Money: 50 Hidden Commission Programs


Sleeper Money details 50 plus little known Affiliate Programs

that pay out up to $8000 in Affiliate Commissions!

Complete with a 7 video training series on how to

capitalize on those programs for maximum commissions!

Sleeper Money


Valornet presents:

Sleeper Money:

50 Hidden Commission Programs


Sleeper Money details 50 plus little known Affiliate Programs that pay out up to $8000 in Affiliate Commissions! 

It come complete with a 7 video training series on how to capitalize on those programs for maximum commissions! 

Kam “Fatz” Jennings new affiliate marketing training is called Sleeper Money and it’s live. You can your hands on it now at the lowest price possible by clicking the link below…

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Just to be clear, when I say this product is valuable and a steal at this price… it really is.

Kam is a professional marketer and he has meticulously combed through hundreds of affiliate programs in 5 separate niches to come up with this very special list of 50 plus programs!

You are going to be getting:

–> The Official Sleeper Money Cheat Sheet with links to all 50 plus affiliate sign up pages, website homepages, benefit provided, commission rates, and cookie lengths so that you have all the information on these sleeper affiliate programs at your fingertips, making it easy to speed up your process!

–> A complete 7 video training series that Kam personally teaches, showing you how to take advantage of the cheat sheet to get maximum results!

–>High value little known information that does not focus on HOW but instead focuses on that little addressed question “Where?”

–>NO additional costs!

–>NO giant learning curve that will take you forever to get set up and going!

–>Bonus training on beginner level affiliate marketing included for your convenience!

If you have ever tried to do affiliate marketing… and couldn’t make any money from it or get anyone to click on your offers…

Kam “Fatz” Jennings’ Sleeper Money is going to help you turn that whole problem around.

 Find Your Sleeper Money Today!

Bonuses: Get the VERY VALUABLE Course “Affiliate Rising” and Kam’s Choice Bonuses when you get Sleeper Money.


After being a customer and now an affiliate for Kam for about a year now, I can tell you, he knows his stuff.  He is one of the guys who has vast experience, both failures and successes.  He has been internet marketing for several years.  I spent most of my afternoon yesterday previewing his course.  I watched the whole thing and came away with some very valuable instruction and ideas.  One thing about Kam, he always tries to give you actionable and valuable content.  The Cheatsheet that he has produced of 50 Affliate Programs is very thorough and workable.  Coupled with excellent training this product is worth the minimal cost.  However, he is including some of his earlier courses, particularly, Affiliate Rising and Affliate Rising Reloaded (which is selling in this store) as a BONUS.  This is true ValornetValue! 

This Course is highly recommended.  Wake up and find the Money!

Find Your Sleeper Money Today!

Determined to Make Your Life and Your Business Better!

Valerie Knies, Your One Stop Paradise for Digital Products

PS – Get your hands on this powerful product for less than $11 when you act fast… You’re going to love this one!


The One Time Offers are as follows:

OTO1 is 3 affiliate marketing case studies that detail specific affiliate campaigns that Kam personally ran to generate hundreds in affiliate commissions.   This package includes a bonus 4th Case Study which details a simple piece of content that generated over $1300 in less than 3 hours!

OTO 2 is the Epic Conversions Insider’s Club.  It’s my monthly low ticket membership program that gives members monthly group coaching, a brand new IM product every single month, and weekly PLR packages!

OTO 3 is a 133 product BIG BONUS PLR PACKAGE.  Spanning 5 niches this one has something for everyone.

OTO 4 is the same Package offered in OTO2, but reduced to the core 102 product PLR package spanning 5 niches.

OTO 5  offers a Max Level Affiliate Status.  It’s the chance to promote Sleeper Money as an affiliate at 100% commissions through the entire funnel.

OTO 6 offers a reduced Pro Level Affiliate Status.  They will get 100% affiliate commissions on the front end and 75% through the rest of the funnel.

 Find Your Sleeper Money Today!


Another great value product by Kam Jennings:

The B-Sides

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