The Gold Rush-Michael Cheney


Join the Gold Rush-Michael Cheney will teach you:

  • Where The Money Is Online And How To Get It
  • The Little-Known Tactic That Will Make You 212% More Sales
  • The Weird Little Profit-Hack That Gets You Lots More Buyers Every Time
  •  How To Unleash A “Money-Cloning Machine” That Duplicates Your Profits Without Duplicating Your Effort
  • The Closely-Guarded Secret The “Internet Marketing Illuminati” Use To Get Hundreds Of Leads A Day, for Free
  • How To Unearth The Gold Bullion Online In The Quickest Time Humanly Possible
  • The “Diamond-Encrusted Drillbit” Method For Digging Up Rich Veins Of Pure Profit From Free Sources Online
  • How To Differentiate The Deadly Land Mines From The Lucrative Gold Mines Online
  • The Real Truth Nobody Dare Say About How To Get People To Hand You Over Lots Of Money
  • And LOTS, lots more…



The Gold Rush


Valornet presents:

The Gold Rush!

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Michael Cheney has done it again.  He has created a new course to lead young internet marketers to profiting success. You get the map. You follow it to the online goldmine. You get your hands on bucketfuls of pure, solid gold. The Gold Rush-Michael Cheney has been mining for internet marketing profits for 20 years.  He is definitely a leader among affiliate marketers. If you want to see exactly where the GOLD is online (and how to get it) then you need to join the Gold Rush right now!

Follow this Map to the Gold Rush!

Listen while the Sheriff, Michael Cheney shows you the Gold!


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The Gold Rush Box

Included with The Gold Rush-Michael Cheney is Giving Away these Three Bonuses:


The Money Finder Method 

This NEW video will take you right to the money.

You’ll Discover:

  • The best way to reach people with money online
  • The 7-second strategy for pinpointing profitable prospects
  • The little-known targeting methods that generate up to 341% more ROI (return on investment) for all your campaigns
  • And much, much more!

The Triple-Threat Traffic Tactic

You’re getting LOTS more free traffic to your offers with this secret “stealth traffic” method that goes under the radar but gets you over the top results.

You’ll Discover:

  • How to drive masses of free traffic DIRECTLY to any offer you want
  • The newbie-friendly way to get tons more clicks, leads and sales without the hassle
  • The sure-fire shortcut to quickly building an army of raving fans and red hot buyers
  • And much, much more!

Killer Copy Cheat Sheet

Shortcut your way to sure-fire sales success with this excellent collection of proven sales-getting copy.

You’ll Discover:

  • How to quickly make more sales and more money using my personal collection of killer copy that converts like crazy
  • The simple secret to becoming an instant copy-writing master by copying these ready to use phrases for your ads, landing pages and emails
  • The easy way to save time and money by tapping into my 20 years of copy-writing experience      Money Back Guarantee logo
  • Comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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 Included is This Campsized Valornet Value Bonus:

Big Commission Bootcamp box

Bonus for The Gold Rush from Valornet!

Learn more from Michael Cheney about Big Commissions in His Boot Camp!


This is a proven internet marketing system that works. The bonuses makes the $19.95 price for this product pure gold Valornet value! Take the challenge, take the training and follow this Gold Rush-Michael Cheney Map to Success!  

Follow this Map to the Gold Rush!


Determined to Make Your Life and Your Business Better!

Valerie Knies

Don’t Miss These One Time Offers!  These are truly ONE TIME offers according to Mr. Cheney. They will appear one time in the funnel following the Gold Rush-Michael Cheney purchase.

The first OTO is “The Gold Digger’s Tookit”, $47. This is a powerful collection of the best-converting, biggest money-making promo templates of Michael Cheney that you can just swipe, deploy and profit from right away. You also get “How To Turn Emails into Money Program”, “Anatomy of a $500,000 Campaign” and “Secret Psychological Sales Triggers Which Make People Buy”.

The second OTO, $27/mo. is “The Monthly Goldmines Package”
This gives buyers the licence to use 1239 of the hand-crafted affiliate promotions of Master Marketer Michael Cheney as their own (plus all ones he ever creates in the future).

This includes all the affiliate promos he has ever created and ever will create.

You can just copy and paste these into Facebook / a blog / an email and make money.

This is a monthly subscription program and you are getting approx 90+ new affiliate promo messages every single month you can use as your own.

Take careful consideration as you head into the GOLDMINE!

Follow this Map to the Gold Rush!

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