Writing Guide


Your Life Stories

Discover How To Create

Your Own Autobiography

Or Memoirs Book.

A Travel Inside Yourself,

To Publish

The Most Important Book

Of Your Life.

    Inside there are a lot of topics, including:

    – What are autobiographies and memoirs.
    – How to find the perfect audience for your     autobiography.
    – The 4 types of autobiographies and memoirs you can create.
    – 12 types of autobiographies you can     create.
    – How to create a timeline and a story plot.
    – The power words you can use in your text.
    – How to beat writer’s block.
    – 37 questions to ask yourself to create your     autobiography.
    – How to create a perfect autobiography cover.
    – How to edit and proofread your book.
    – How to format your book.
    – How to publish your book on Kindle, and as a paper     book.
    – 7 methods to bring free traffic to your autobiography.
    – And much, much more.
“Your Life Stories” is made for people who want to create their autobiography from zero, and then publish it on Amazon as a Kindle and paper book.  Are you one of those people?
Creating an autobiography is an incredible travel inside ourselves, and there are many things you must know to create a perfect story of your life and sell thousands of copies.
This course gives all you need to become an expert publisher of the most important book of your life.
Alessandro Zamboni created  Your Life Stories-Writing Guide because it’s very hard to look inside yourself,
and remember all the main events of your life.
To then turn them into a great autobiography, or a collection of memoirs may require some help.
This is where Alessandro’s writing and publishing experience comes in.
He is an expert at book writing and has put together a writing guide full
of his expertise to help you to succeed.


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A Personal View

About the


by Valerie

Writing My Story

     Alessandro Zamboni is well known for his experience

     and his prolific writing of Kindle books in many genres.

He has written Cookbooks, Children’s Books, Picture Books, Novels

and several other subject books and e-books.

He has also produced several writing guides and his extraordinary video course

about writing Kindle Books, called Self Publishing Kingdom-Kindle Books. 

    You can get this course in the OTOs or from me at  You can also     find all of  the writing guides in the product creation category.

     Alessandro always delivers high quality instruction and resources to get the     job done.

  You can write your book with his guide and take it all the way to the publisher     with his OTOs. Self Publishing Kingdom banner

I highly suggest you give the One Time     Offers some consideration.

    Are you ready to share your story with the     world?

    Your Life Stories-Writing Guide will help     you make that journey!


    Determined to Make Your Life and     Business Better!

       Valerie Knies

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Write Your Life Stories Today!

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