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ZeroTo10K Secrets and Software

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ZeroTo10K Secrets reveals the secrets shared by over 30 top marketers on the newbie-friendly strategies they would use to make their first $10,000  online if they were starting out. In one-on-one conversations with them, Sameer has found out some great information. Find out from several marketing masters about  Free Traffic strategies, IM for local businesses, Affiliate Marketing and a lot more.

ReviewRaptor is a powerful software that when installed on a WordPress site can instantly transform it into an authority, affiliate review website. It  posts – at once or drip-fed – professionally written reviews of top  converting products we have hand-picked and also adds the site owner’s unique JVZoo affiliate links to each of the products – automatically!   ZeroTo10K Secrets + Review Raptor Site Builder Access fit together like hand and glove. See how they will work for you.

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ZeroTo10K Secrets + ReviewRaptor Site Builder Access

Secrets of Over 30 Top Marketers Revealed + ReviewRaptor Software

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​Have you been working hard for several months, or even years at establishing a presence and profits online, but still are full of questions? Are you frustrated by learning many new skills, but still having enough missing knowledge to keep you from being successful?  Dr. Sameer Joshi decided to help us.  He went to an event of World Class Marketing Leaders and asked them how they did it.  The result is a volume of 30 Marketers revealing their stories, secrets, and methods that have generated 10 million dollars collectively.  The ZeroTo10K Secrets and Software will fill in those missing details for you, and give you invaluable marketing insights.

He did not stop there.  He teamed up with highly respected and talented Ankur Shukla to create a software to help affiliates get going with an authority review site.  It is called Review Raptor Site Builder and is INCLUDED with the interviews all for the price of a large pizza!  This is not a purchase, it is an investment in your business!   If that is not enough, included today with you purchase is a MASSIVE BONUS BUNDLE!  Not only will you get special bonuses from Sameer and Ankur today, but there is a Bonus Bundle of ValornetValue! waiting for you for FREE with the purchase of ZeroTo10K Secrets and Software today!  Keep reading…..

Find Out More About How to Go from Zero to 10K

In ZeroTo10K Secrets and Software​, 30 Master Marketers from all over the world who are Dynamite Commission Earners share …

    • The exact steps to get from nothing to the first $10k online
    • Short, to-the-point information revealed in one-on-one conversations
    • Newbie-friendly, clearly laid-out information in videos
    • Answers to your questions about how to succeed in internet commerce
    • Their methods to generate passive and active income

​The ReviewRaptor Software includes …

    • Powerful WordPress plugin
    •  Instantly creates an authority review website in just few clicks
    •  Imports professionally written reviews with 1-Click – at once or drip-fed
    • [Automatically populates the articles with the site owner’s affiliate links for products

Drip-feed function keeps your campaigns running on autopilot.

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Valornet Bonus #1: Pinterest Marketing Guide –Valornet Bonus

Valornet Bonus #2: Reddit Marketing Guide

Valornet Bonus #3: Instagram Marketing Guide

Valornet Bonus #4: Shopify Marketing Guide

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ZeroTo10K Secrets and Software are paired exclusively to make

your affiliate marketing a success. Ankur Shukla is known in the

internet marketing world as a man of genius and integrity.

 Dr. Sameer Joshi, the interviewer, has put together with

Ankur an excellent package.

Ankur and Sameer are affiliate marketers who understand what is

needed to make you successful. They have included in the OTO

the remaining set of Raptor software to further make a difference

for you. I personally do affiliate promotions for several of the

people in the interviews. They are the real deal. Most of them

started with no experience in internet marketing and have studied,

practiced and worked hard over many years to become leaders

in the industry.  This is a great opportunity to listen to the masters

and use the software of two other masters to your advantage.

With the ZeroTo10K Secrets + Review Raptor Site Builder

Access package, plus the unbelievable bonus bundles

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These One Time Offers are also available to take you up another level in your marketing work.

These are the completion of the 30 ZeroTo10K Interviews, and the ReviewRaptor Site Builder Series.

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OTO1, ZeroTo10K Full Monty​, includes 30+ Top Marketers’ Full Interviews, $27-$37

OTO2, LeadsRaptor, Powerful List-building Cloud Software, $37-$47

OTO3, CommissionRaptor, Powerful DFY Email-Marketing Cloud Software, $47-$67

OTO4 Irresistible Bundle, 10 Top Converting Software & info products, bundled in one awesome package $77-$97



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