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Statistics from 1000 Emails

AWeber’s data scientist and team of email experts set out to find the elements

of “the perfect email in 2019.” 

To do that, they analyzed Statistics from 1000 Emails

from 100 of today’s top businesses and entrepreneurs

(like Mark Asquith, Ann Handley, Amy Porterfield, and

Lee Odden, to name a few).

Their research answers 4 questions that every business

with an email marketing strategy wants to know:

  1. How short or long should an email be?
  2. How many characters are in a subject line?
  3. What percentage of subject lines include emojis?
  4. How do experts capitalize their email subject lines?                                                                                                                              Find Out These 4 Important Email Marketing Answers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                



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