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Affiliate Funnel Bots 2020


Affiliate Funnel Bots 2020

NEW 4-in-1 “Affiliate Funnel” App Builds Your
List, Gets You FREE Buyers & Lets You Sell
 Our $100k Software, for 100% of the
Profits… in 60 seconds!

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Valornet presents:


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Affiliate Funnel Bots2020

Comes with an 8 Bonus Bundle FREE with Purchase See Below for Details

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Affiliate Funnel Bots 2.0


Sell 50x Done-for-You Digital Products, List-Building Funnels

& Affiliate Videos for ClickBank, JVZoo, Amazon and Warrior Plus

…in 60 Seconds! 


This product is best introduced by its maker, Chris of Titan X.  He does a great job of helping anyone get started at affiliate marketing.  He is a developer of many software products, several are used in this software suite.  He believes in over delivering value for money.  Not to mention the excellent 8 Bonus Bundle provided by Chris and Valornet You can see Chris explain Affiliate Funnel Bots 2.0 on his video HERE

Read along as Chris X of Titan X, Memplex Developers, introduces his

 Affiliate funnel bots logoFUNNEL BOTS 2020

An all-in-one cloud-based app.. That does EVERYTHING you need

to sell your own products, BUILD A LIST & make commissions.

Pre-loaded with products that cost me over $17,000 to develop.
And AFFILIATE PROGRAMS that made me hundreds of sales.
In 60 seconds!  Now here’s how it works…
…47x of The Top-Selling Digital Products (including 10x Resell Rights)…
…With 20x Proven Designs (with Your Campaign Preloaded in 60 seconds!
  • NEW 4-in-1 Cloud-Based App
  • Build Your List.. Fast!
  • Become A Super Affiliate
  • Sell Your Own Products 
  • Create Unlimited Funnels
  • 7x DoneForYou Products
  • 20x DoneForYou Funnels
  • 33x DoneForYou Videos
  • Get FREE Traffic To Your Funnels
  • Works with ANY Autoresponder
  • Accept Payments & Get Paid 100%
  • Step By Step Training and Videos 


Go HERE to Get Your Own Affiliate Funnel Bots 2020


I’m Chris, the creator of this software tool, the Affiliate Funnel Bots 2020

$10,000 software pre-filled with the EXACT funnels, products, designs & affiliate promotions…
That are generating sales & leads for us, in 2019 – RIGHT NOW.
So you can login to the software, make a few tweaks…
Then, turn around and launch these “1 Click Funnels” on Google, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube…
And do it with zero competition for the Fall of 2019!
Sounds crazy, right!
Now here’s how it works…Click HERE to Find Out More!




Valerie here.  Just to let you know, I love Chris’s products.  He is a super affiliate by experience and he makes his software to help affiliates find success.  Not only that, he always over-delivers value for money.  I encourage you to take a look at this excellent ValornetValue today!

Watch for Deep Discounts on the Vendor Salespages and checkout!

Get Your Affiliate Bots 2020 Today!


Determined to Make Your Life and Your Business Better!

Valerie Knies


Four Great Bonuses from Chris:

 Bonus 1
Video Training       

Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to deploy the DoneForYou campaigns in a matter of seconds.
I’ll  show you PRECISELY how to launch your first Funnel Bot and get free traffic. And remember… you can build a list, launch  affiliate reviews, or even sell my done-for-you products.. all from this ONE cloud-based app. In this training, I’ll show you how!

Value $397
 Bonus 2
Quick Start PDF          

KNOW you want to launch your first  funnel in a matter of SECONDS. And  that’s

why I created this short, to the point PDF which shows you precisely  how to do it!  Value $2997.00

 Bonus 3
Campaigns Zip File

This is INSANE! With FunnelBots, everything is preloaded INSIDE the  software. But what if you’re an advanced user who wants to use the campaigns in your own websites or funnels? That’s where my “master zip” file  comes in, which contains ALL the campaigns (for the affiliate programs and resell rights products in Bots), broken down by video URL, headline, affiliate link, keywords… and of course the DOWNLOAD PAGE link for all the resell rights products. This way, you can start selling in minutes!

Value $17,890
 Bonus 4
Resell + Bonus &     
Give-Away Rights    

OK, here’s where things get even crazier! With FunnelBots, you can sell my resell rights products (7 softwares that cost me over $17k to build)… but for the launch  period, we’re also giving you bonus AND give-away rightsso you can  give access to these tools away as  bonuses for when people buy your products, OR even as give-away rights, so you can use them as “lead magnets” so people who sign up to your list and get up to 7x software tools. Wow!

Go HERE to Get Your Own Affiliate Funnel Bots 2.0

*Four Great Bonuses From Valornet!  *To get this Bonus Bundle,

send me a copy of your e-receipt marked Bonus Claim: Affiliate Funnel Bots

to valornet@valerieknies.com and I will send you the Bonuses. vak

Affiliate Funnel Bots 2.0                                                                                                                    


Alongside the core software, once you join today, you will get instant access to 4 Bonuses worth $297. 




1) Local Biz Researcher

Developed a great business idea? It’s vital that you test it against what’s already available on the market.

Market research can size up your business opportunities.

2) Done for you videos

Let’s create epic professional videos for your YouTube channel, website,

and social media marketing!

3) Million Dollar YouTube Niches

One of the top methods right now is getting targeted traffic with YouTube. There are over

50 keywords here, that have got a combined 8 million views. You can clone these campaigns

… or target some of the niches that have no ads running, and therefore zero competition!

4) CB100 – Software

Want to find the top ClickBank affiliate programs? You need CB100! A database of the top

ClickBank products and niches, updated daily. View gravity, title, product preview,

description, niche… filter by product age, commission & more!

Valornet Bonus


*To get this Bonus Bundle, send me a copy of your e-receipt marked Bonus Claim: Affiliate Funnel Bots to valornet@valerieknies.com and I will send you the Bonuses. vak

Go HERE to Get Your Own Affiliate Funnel Bots 2020

These One Time Offers Are Available Following your Initial Purchase of Affiliate Funnel Bots.                                          These are optional.  If you wish to skip the offer, go to the bottom of the funnel page and click the NO THANKS option.

One Time Offer 1 – AffiliateFunnelBot ELITE – $37

ELITE is an upgrade that gives you an expansion pack with 30x extra campaigns.

That’s 5 more resell rights products, and 25 extra affiliate campaigns.

Once again have everything is done for you- with pre-made videos, headlines, affiliate links etc.

PLUS, we give you an extra 10 design templates (5x VSL and 5x squeeze pages).

OTO 2 – AffiliateFunnelBot DONE FOR YOU – $67

With DONE FOR YOU,  you get the ability to infinitely expand your campaigns… with resell rights!

This is done with 4 software tools…

#1 The Resell Bots WordPress theme! — This new software gives you a complete digital product stores in seconds, pre-loaded with software tools that have earned over $300,000…

#2 The Traffic DB software – with thousands of Internet marketing websites to get traffic from (to promote your new store)

#3 Resell DB software – contains thousands of hot products that you can easily license & resell…so you can expand your store, add even more products – and scale up

#4 Rapid Video Creator software – THE the fastest way to create sales videos, for the thousands of products you’ll find inside the Resell DB software. So you can sell unlimited products – with unlimited sales videos. And generate massive sales and leads – with your very own info product business!

OTO 3 – AffiliateFunnelBot PRO – $27 per month

A special deal to get access to 30 software tools (that sold over $1,000,000 of units) from all of Chris’s previous launches on CB & JVZoo.

Includes tools for resell rights, video, affiliate marketing, traffic, website-builders & much more!

OTO 4 – AffiliateFunnelBot EXTREME – $97

The core part of this offer is the “DayJobKiller” course, which sold over $100k units at $247 and $497.

This package teaches you how to sell your own info products, as taught by Chris – one of the all-time top vendors on JVZoo & ClickBank HISTORY!

There are 50 training videos included and 8 insane software tools, all focused on allowing people to quickly create their software/info product empire.

Watch for Deep Discount Drop-down on the Page Below:

Go HERE to Get Your Own Affiliate Funnel Bots 2020

You will be glad you did!

Another Value Packed Product from Chris X:

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