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Affiliate Video Bots  2020

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Affiliate Video Bots is a new, cloud-based 

4-in-1 software, that’s…

The world’s first DONE FOR YOU

Video Creation Suite.
With the content… keywords… slides…
scripts…even the voice over work…
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Valornet presents:

With this Video Creation Suite and 8 FREE Bonuses,

(The Valornet Bonuses are for the First 50 People)

You will Have the Video Advantage for your Marketing Needs! 

All at one low price! 

Affiliate Video Bots  2020

Done For You Video Creation Suite

Made #1 on JVZoo & #2 on ClickBank!

Affiliate Video Bots Bundle

Video is THE #1 way to make money and get traffic...

But, there’s a problem. If you want to make videos that CONVERT in 2020… You either need to spend THOUSANDS on video editors, voice over audio, graphic designers and copywriters… In fact… $1,000 is the average cost per minute of video. Or you need to buy hundreds of dollars of software, and learn to do it yourself.

webcam That’s why… It just isn’t feasible for the average person to make money every day with “video”… Until now… THIS NEW Software,

Affiliate Video Bots 2020, changes everything:

Click HERE to See A Demonstration of Affiliate Video Bots 2020

What if there was a solution that could do EVERYTHING for you?

So that finding the top affiliate programs was DONE FOR YOU

Creating content and slides was DONE FOR YOU

Creating scripts and copy was DONE FOR YOU

Recording professional voice over artists was DONE FOR YOU

Finding the best buyer keywords was DONE FOR YOU

Everything to create videos… get free traffic… and earn commissions was DONE FOR YOU!

Watch the demo here: Click HERE to Explore More about Affiliate Video Bots 2020

Introducing the Affiliate Video Bots 2020… A new, cloud-based 4-in-1 software, that’s… The world’s first DONE FOR YOU video creation suite.

With the content… keywords… slides… scripts… even the voice over work… all done for you!

Built for You-Tubers, affiliates, eCommerce, Facebook and other video profiteers Who want to turn any website, blog or product into a traffic-generating video.. in seconds!

With no technical skills, creative skills or prior experience of any kind required… And absolutely NO complicated video software or hard work!

Click HERE to Hear from Chris X about  Affiliate Video Bots

Included are 4 Great Bonuses with the Software Suite: 

Bonus 1: Video Training

Bonus 2Quick Start PDF

Bonus 3Affiliate Video Bots for all of 2020!

Bonus 4 – 4x Done-for-You Components. (Presentation Page Description) “First, we hand-pick the top 20 affiliate programs everyday

(or click once to expand to over 100+).

Second, we give you content/slides for 100 affiliate programs across CB, Warrior & JVZoo.

Thirdly, we give you 100 YouTube niches – just click once for a 1000x metric breakdown with the 50 top videos.

Finally, we include over 500x Done-For-You scripts AND voice-overs inside the video creator.So, either do it yourself (for any offer)… or let us do it for you!”

There are 4 MORE Free Bonuses From Valornet! (The Valornet Bonuses are for the First 50 People) 

You will find your bonus on your access page after purchase.


1) Done for you videos (5 videos promoting ClickBank & JVZoo offers) Chris X had his video editor make videos for some of the top converting affiliate programs out there.Valornet Bonus Now you can download them and use them in your own campaign!

2) Million Dollar YouTube Niches  (top YouTube niche keywords) One of the top methods right now is getting targeted traffic with YouTube. Chris also had his assistant research the top performing YouTube keywords right now. There are over 50 keywords here, that have got a combined 8 million views. You can clone these campaigns… or target some of the niches that have no ads running, and therefore zero competition!

3) Auto Template  (unreleased Instagram tool!) Instagram is a huge opportunity to build followers, likes and traffic. But what do you post? One of the most popular methods is sharing text based images (quotes, motivational posts etc). So we took over 100 of the top text-posts, made them spinnable for any niche – and pre-loaded them into this software Create an instant viral Instagram template in seconds!

4) CB100 – Software  (top ClickBank affiliate programs) Want to find the top ClickBank affiliate programs? You need CB100! A database of the top ClickBank products and niches, updated daily. View gravity, title, product preview, description, niche… filter by product age, commission & more!

Click HERE to See A Demonstration of Affiliate Video Bot

With this Video Creation Suite and 8 FREE Bonuses from the vendor and valornet.blog,

you will have the video advantage for your marketing needs.  All at one low price! 

There are still great discounts and coupons to be had for action takers.

Go ahead and give it a risk free try with the 60 Day Guarantee.

Chris X can get a bit excited about his products, but he has proven them himself.  He has spent thousands of dollars to bring

his success to you, automatically.

  • Create UNLIMITED Videos
  • Sell UNLIMITED Offers
  • Promote UNLIMITED Websites 
  • Royalty-free + agency rights
  • 100x Your Earnings Potential 

All of this for a super discounted price.  (Watch the sales page for surprise discounts and coupons)

Take advantage of this opportunity to at least try it out risk free.


Check out Affiliate Video Bots Video Creation Suite Today!.

Determined to Make Your Life and Your Business Better!

Valerie Knies



Affiliate Video Bots 2020 2020


This is the information regarding the One Time Offers following the purchase of Affiliate Video Bots:

This is all included in the Main Product, Affiliate Video Bots 2020:  4 video software tools:

1) 60 Second Affiliate – a single web-page that updates daily with the top affiliate programs for ClickBank, JVZoo, Warrior and launches

2) 60 Second Slides – a cloud-based app that lets you create slides for any website in 60 seconds.

3) 60 Second Video – a downloadable software engine for PC & Mac that creates videos in seconds.

4) Video Traffic Bot (AKA Video Researcher) – a cloud-based app that finds you the best keywords to rank your videos.

Plus, a 30 page quick-start guide and training videos.

These are the One Time Offers in the Funnels that Follow:

OTO 1 – AffiliateVideoBots ELITE – $37

ELITE is an upgrade that gives you an expansion pack with more powerful versions of each software…

60 Second Video has more voice-overs and scripts included

60 Second Content has more affiliate programs pre-loaded

60 Second Affiliate has more daily affiliate programs to promote

And Video Traffic has some extra more powerful features…

OTO 2 – AffiliateVideoBots DONE FOR YOU – $67

With DONE FOR YOU, you get the ability to infinitely expand yourcampaigns… with many more video software tools.

They get TEN of our most powerful video software tools in one package!

OTO 3 – AffiliateVideoBots PRO – $27 per month

A special deal to get access to 30 software tools (that sold over $1,000,000 of units) from all of the previous launches on CB & JVZoo of Chris X

Includes tools for resell rights, video, affiliate marketing, traffic, website-builders & much more!

OTO 4 – AffiliateVideoBots EXTREME – $97

The core part of this offer is the “DayJobKiller” course of Chris X, which sold over $100k units at $247 and $497.

This package teaches you how to sell your own info products, as taught by Chris X- one of the all-time top vendors on JVZoo & ClickBank HISTORY!

There are 50 training videos included and 8 insane software tools, all focused on allowing you to quickly create your software/info product empire.

Click HERE to See A Demonstration of Affiliate Video Bots 2020


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