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Video Stack Pro

Video Stack Pro

The Ultimate Solution To Adding Multiple Videos

This practical WordPress plugin created by Matthew McDonald is a

game-changer for websites and membership sites that feature multiple videos.

You will find it to be a REEL HELP! You will love it.

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Valornet presents:

Video Stack Pro


Video Stack Pro


The Multi-Video Game-Changer For WordPress – Stack It!

No More Losing Your Viewers on Your Website or Membership Area because Your Visitor is Clueless as to

What Video They Are Supposed to Be Watching! 

The extraordinary creator of Affiliate Video WordPress plugin software solutions has come up with another great idea.

Matthew McDonald has created Video Stack Pro – The Multi-Video Game-Changer For WordPress >>


Watch Matthew demonstrate Video Stack Pro HERE


(You will love this, and your website audience
will totally love this. If you have more than one
video to put on the same page… STACK IT!)

You can stack:

    • Video Guides
    • Video Courses
    • Video Steps
    • Video FAQs
    • Video Checklists
    • Video Workouts
    • Video Training
    • And Video… more!!

Watch Matthew McDonald demonstrate Video Stack Pro HERE


It’s a super awesome new way of groupingvideo stacks
video content together, and delivering it in
a much more digestive way to your audience.


There are custom branding tools to match the
color of the video stack and player to your branding
or website.


Don’t miss out. This is a terrific tool at a terrific price!  I use Matthew’s software pretty much every week.

All of the videos on valornet.blog are hosted on the Affiliate Videos WP Plugin software.  Matthew’s Video Software is so easy

to use and so reasonably priced, Affiliate Stack Pro is a no brainer for sure!

Get your copy and you will see what I mean!


Get Your Video Stack Pro Plugin Today!

Determined to Make Your Life and Your Business Better!

Valerie Knies


valornet.blog, Your One Stop Paradise for Digital Products

P. S. This is a real game-changer for adding videos to web-pages


Video Stack Pro

The Game Changing OTO is as follows:

Video Stack Pro Unlimited Domains License,  $147.00


A Message from the Creator of Video Stack Pro, Matthew McDonald:

If you have ever been a website
where multiple videos start playing
at the same time, you know it is
a problem (and will likely leave)..

Even worse, is trying scroll down
a page full of embedded videos that
lack structure and cause content
loading issues…

Better thank using video play list, is to stack it!
(works great for any video content, including
paid and free videos)


1. Are you using video on your website?

2. Do any of your web-pages have more than
just the one video on it?

3. Can you click play on more than one
video on the same page?

The one thing I work with every single day
is video. And…

As one of my video plugin customers, I don’t
want to see you miss the opening special on
a new killer tool.

Right now, I am just about the close Video Stack Pro,
which is an absolute game-changer when it comes to
adding video t your web-pages. I promise, you have
never seen this before. I am getting 5 star responses
and people are absolutely loving the new easy way of
adding video content their websites.

I don’t want you to miss out. Please take a quick
moment (if it’s not too late), and check out the
Early Bird No Brainer Thank You Offer I created for
my customers here on the video at the top of this page


Find the Video Stack Pro Here

I hope to see you in the members area.


P.S. I am promoting this because I invested a lot into
this product and right now you have a chance to share in
the benefits for pennies on the dollar.
You can use Video Stack Pro for 2 videos, or 200 videos, makes no difference.


Get the Video Stack Pro Here




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