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Titans of Zoo


“Titans of Zoo”

Find Personal Advice Interviews and Insights with 22 of the Internet Marketing

Leaders of the Industry. All of them are Titans at the JVZoo

product production and affiliate digital commerce platform.

Follow Nikhil Neswankar the product creator, on his journey

to find out how to become a successful internet marketer. 

He decided to learn from the masters and now

he is sharing his findings in the Titans of Zoo. 

“Titans of Zoo” gives you the power to learn the secrets of Top Industry Experts.

This “Expert Secret” presentation is the first playbook of its kind.

It was four months in the making.  Find out the golden nuggets

from the people who are making full-time income

and more with internet marketing.

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Valornet presents:

Titans of Zoo

Only $9.95

Titans of Zoo, box

                                                                           Personal Advice from Titan Marketers of JVZoo


Do you want to learn how to make money online?  Ask the TITANS!  

JVZoo calls itself the All In One Platform for Digital Commerce.  And so it is.  Nikhil Neswankar has asked the people who are masters of using JVZoo to create and sell products over the internet, how they do it.  22 professional affiliate marketers and product creators answered his questions and Nikhil has developed this collection of interviews and insights where the “Secrets of the JVZoo elite is cracked Wide Open!” 

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The Titans  

Todd Gross

Walter Bayliss

Peter Beattie

Ray Lane

Tom Yevsikov

Jai Sharma

Henry Gold

Dan Ashendorf

Delilah Taylor

Ivana Bosnjak

Gary Alach

Michael Thomas

Ron Hogue

Anthony Mancuso

Sorin Constantin

Lance Groom

Jono Armstrong

Adrian Isfan

Jonas Lindgren

Katie Lendel

Saul Maraney

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Nikhal has included some super bonuses.  More information and case studies from titans of Zoo.  The Warlord Launch Secrets is worth way more than the cost of this video course. Yes, 46 minutes of pure instruction by Steven Alvey included as a Mega Bonus.

Special Bonus from Valornet:  Commission Blueprint. Commission Blueprint box

Learn how Glynn Klosky made $500,000 in one year doing online Affiliate Marketing.


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The One Time Offers are as follows:

OTO 1, Super Affiliates of Zoo, $37.00.  More exclusive instruction from the professional marketers in Titans of Zoo.

OTO 2, 5 Done for You Funnels Pack, $47.00.

OTO 3,  Expert Masterclass, $97.00.

OTO 4, Behind the Scenes Weekly Webinar, $297.00

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As an affiliate marketer who is just getting started, I owe a great debt to some of the Titans featured in this collection of marketing wisdom. 

I have learned much from their course products and observation of their methods. I have written them in e-mails and FB messenger

and I have done affiliate promotions for a few of them already.  I can say for sure, their success, and desire to share it with others, is genuine. 

In this day where personal coaching can cost you anywhere from $300.00-$3000.00 or more, to have access to the quality of wisdom imparted in

this collection is without price.  It is yours for only $9.95!  DON’T MISS THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN FROM THE MASTERS

for a fraction of what others pay.  Special thanks to Nikhal Neswankar for putting this together for us.


Learn from the Titans!


Determined to Make Your Life and Your Business Better!

Valerie Knies


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