Product Creation Group Coaching Masterclass  


Read the message below from Kevin himself to help you decide

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See Kevin’s message below this introduction

The Product Creation Group Coaching Masterclass of Kevin Fahey includes:

  • Live Training Every Saturday at 10am EST for the year of 2018 (Over 36 LIVE Webinars)
  • Access to all IM products and membership sites, past present and
  • future. (For Up To 2 Years)
  • Access to the IM reseller program where you can earn 100% commission on 14 of our 16 products.
  • Access to the NEW IM VIP Training Portal with over 130 webinar replays and 240 marketing lessons.
  • 2  Personal One-on-One Coaching Calls With Kevin Fahey                                                                        
  • For full details check out this page.                                          

Product Creation Group Coaching Masterclass


Valornet presents:

Product Creation Group Coaching Masterclass


Kevin Fahey Portrait

7 Figure Marketer Kevin Fahey’s Product Creation Group Coaching Masterclass. 

From Valerie:  Coaching is a personal decision.  The secret to the success of most internet marketers is that somewhere along the line, they found themselves a reputable and successful marketer to coach them. From my personal observation of several people who started out a couple of years ago and are doing well today, they have this in common.  They found a coach and followed his or her advice.  

I can say, Kevin’s students do very well in a reasonable amount of time.  I have been affiliating for Kevin for over 18 months.  He knows his stuff, is consistent and has excellent integrity.  He is worth consideration if you are looking for someone to take you by the hand and teach you what you need to know to get started in internet marketing and to succeed at it.  I invite you to take a look at his program and take the leap if you want to begin on the winning side or to scale up what you have already started.  Take a look at what Kevin has to offer:  vak


This program has created amazing success stories:

Check out some of the results from his past students:

Pallab launched 18 products in 2 years. 10 got awarded product of the day.

Sajan generated $590,775.52 from selling his own products after following the training.

Aidan is banking 5k month after month and has gone full-time into internet marketing.

Ali’s most recent launch generated over 55k in sales. The list goes on and on.

Watch Kevin’s video on the salespage to the end.  This package is extremely generous for the price. 
Kevin delivers extra value for the investment you will make for your future.

Go Here To See Everything That Is Included

This Product Creation Group Coaching Masterclass is extremely generous for the price.  Kevin delivers extra value for the investment you will make for your future.


  • Live Training Every Saturday at 10am EST for the year of 2018 (Over 36 LIVE Webinars)

  • Access to all IM products and membership sites, past present and

  • future. (For Up To 2 Years)

  • Access to the IM reseller program where you can earn 100% commission on 14 of our 16 products.

  • Access to the NEW IM VIP Training Portal with over 130 webinar replays and 240 marketing lessons.

  • 2  Personal One-on-One Coaching Calls With Kevin Fahey

The live training begins on Saturdays and there are only a limited number of places.  Consider this opportunity.  This would be considered an investment in your future if you are serious about moving forward from whatever position you are in right now in your internet marketing journey.  Do not be afraid to take action.

There are 2 Affiliate Bonuses for you with this purchase.  Two resources that will assist your Product Creation training with Kevin Fahely:

  • PLR Starter Pack.  A ready to use funnel with PLR.  Learn from it yourself and then use the PLR.

  • Complete Concepts.  How to create products in your mind before making them happen.

The value of this program is immense.  Kevin has kept the price reasonable.  He has two plans for you,



The live training begins on Saturday and there are only a limited number of places.  THESE ARE SELLING VERY FAST!!! Consider this opportunity today.  This is an investment in your future if you are serious about moving forward.  From whatever position you are in right now in your internet marketing journey, do not be afraid to take action!

If you are still on the fence about this opportunity and you think it will be the leverage you need to reach your goals and scale up your business, then perhaps these words from Kevin himself will give you help making your decision.  This is a big ticket item, but so worth it. Take time to read and reflect, then you can check out the salespage before you make your final decision.

“It’s getting close to crunch time so I’m back to answer some of the most common questions about the IM Coaching Series.

1. What exactly is included in the Coaching?

After purchase, you’ll be automatically registered for 36 weeks of live webinar training. Each webinar will be approximately 60 minutes long where everything will be covered from creating content, creating your product, creating a profitable sales funnel, finding affiliate partners, getting traffic, selling high ticket programs and so much more.

Our goal is to help you achieve financial freedom in less than 12 weeks like many of students have in the past. We understand some people work at different levels and also want to be around to help as your business scales. This is the reason for weekly webinars for the entire year.

On top of the live training and private coaching calls, you’ll have lifetime access to all previous group coaching sessions and future sessions for years to come. Every time he opens a new session you’ll be invited to come.

2. Is there anyone on one coaching included?

Yes, but only during this launch special. I’m including 2 private one on one consulting calls. This is where I provide you with a solid plan of action. I’ve done this with hundreds of clients over the years and have a proven method for making things happen fast. These calls are valued at $997 alone.

3. What if I want to start the learning before the live webinars begin?

After purchase you’ll be taken to a membership signup page where you’ll receive access to 4 years of coaching webinar replays broken down into Product Creation, Facebook Advertising & High Ticket Coaching along with various Q n A sessions.

On top of that, you’ll get access to all my past, present and future training products covering every topic you can imagine. You’ll get access to all the software, tools, templates and formulas you need to build a 6 or 7 figure online business right from the get-go.

4. How can I ask questions and get support?

You’ll also get instant access to a Facebook Group where you can begin asking questions and masterminding with other marketers. You’ll also have access to Kevin on Facebook, via support desk and email. Our support for 10 years now is considered the best in the industry. Generally speaking, I don’t take days off.

5. What’s needed to get started?

You can choose an option that suits you best. We have a simple 3 part payment plan or you can save with our one-time payment option.

6. How long will this offer remain open?

Come Saturday morning we close the doors and begin the live training webinars at 10 am EST. The webinars will continue weekly for the entire year of 2018.

Generally, we open this program once or twice per year and have consistently increased the price since 2014.

7. What happens if I choose to hold off?

Right now you can save $3,000 on what we plan to charge in the future and receive the exclusive private one on one coaching calls. Yes, that’s 2 one hour, long coaching calls with me personally. There’s nothing missing from this program and no reason to hold off.

8. Is there anything else included I should know about?

Yes, you also receive our premium reseller license to all our products meaning you get 100% commission on ALL products, other than our coaching program. Others change $2,000 for this alone. You get this on top of the best training in the industy. “

Go Here To See Everything That Is Included

To Your Success
Kevin Fahey”

In case you still have questions, here are more answers from Kevin Fahey:

“People keep asking me “what bonuses are included in this offer?”.
You see most of the programs, products, and services have only one thing in mind.
To upsell you to something more expensive or recurring in the future. It ain’t a bad business model but not what IM Coaching Series about.
By now you’ve probably checked out all the success stories like how.
“Sajan made $590,775.52 from selling his own products an earned $148.196.29 in commission as an affiliate and this is all from free traffic.”
“Ali did over 55k in just a few short months.”
“David got awarded product of the day and generated 5 figure from his launch.”
“Aidan Corkery was awarded JVZoo Product of the day numerous times and made over $5,124 with his very first launch.”
But what are the extras?
My mentors taught me to offer 10x the value of the asking price and let’s just say I’m delivering on that.
Lifetime Access To IM VIP Training
IM VIP Training has been around since 2012 and is the original home for our coaching clients. Included is access to all our training products, software, WordPress plugins, templates, formulas and everything you need to build a successful online business.
Lifetime Access To IM Checklist
IM Checklists is a new brand we created in January and plan to grow for years to come. Many pay $17 – $22 per month to access the monthly checklists and video training. Topics covered included email marketing, product creation, affiliate marketing, graphics, video and much more coming over the next few months and years.
Lifetime Access To Download PLR Products
Created in 2011 and still one of the most popular PLR/MRR sites around with hundreds of active members. This site costs me thousands every month get keep updated and has the best rebrandable content delivered straight to you every week. You get lifetime access.
Lifetime Access To IM Funnels, IM Funnel Pro, IM Funnels Reseller
The $101,400 Bonus… Crazy right?
Let me explain. Over the past 7 years when my business took a massive turn I invested tens of thousands on each project to create not only rock solid training but presell reports, sales material, email swipes, graphics and social media posts. Everything that’s required to launch successful products and brands.
You’ll get the rights to resell everything with 100% commission including recurring.
There’s a lot included in the bonus but to break it down.
Our IM VIP Training offer which sells at 29/month or 197/year. You get 100%
Our PLR Membership which sells at 15/month. You get 100%
Our IM Checklist Membership which sells at 17/month. You get 100%
These memberships cost me tens of thousands every year to maintain and you get earn 100% commission on everything.
Next, we’ve over 16 products at various price points which have helped us generate millions of dollars online. You get 100% commission promoting everything, including all upsells, downsells and recurring commission.
This alone is worth $5,000 and many have paid this in the past.
JV Mailing To My Affiliates For Your Launch
The Key to a successful launch is not only in the Copy and Product but it also comes from knowing the right people and leveraging their list to give you an UNFAIR Advantage in the marketing world. It’s as if you will have your own army of affiliates promoting your product which will dramatically boost your sales.
Promote Your Product To My List
Now, this alone can be worth the small investment of this coaching. You are virtually tapping into a list of hungry people who want to get their hands on the latest buzz. So imagine leveraging my list to promote your product!
Access Over 110 Group Coaching Webinar Replays
Access to over 110 webinar replays since 2014 covering Product Creation, Facebook Advertising & High Ticket Coaching! A lot of golden nuggets inside these webinars that can still be applied in TODAY’s world.
Access To Our Private Facebook Mastermind Group
Access to our Facebook Mastermind group which is a small family of great entrepreneurs that all have ONE goal in common, to make money online and live out their dreams together as ONE. All your questions will be answered and you have the support of others just like you in there.
Two Private One On One Consulting Calls With Me Personally
These calls alone can add another zero to your bottom line providing you with a plan that’s proven to work and all the followup support you need.
All of these bonuses are yours for free when you sign up.
Why wait any longer?”
 Go Here to Take the Leap!
To Your Success
Kevin Fahey


For full details check out this page

Kevin Fahey Portrait  

Here’s an outline of everything you will learn over the 10 weeks of training

  • Accountability of a 10-week, step-by-step coaching program, keeping you plugged-in and avoiding “shiny object syndrome”
  • How to get all the “tech stuff” setup, even if you’re not a “technical” person, and the simple method for automating the sign-up process so you can get people into your coaching program while you sleep (literally)
  • How to attract affiliates in the droves and build strong relationships and partnerships.
  • How to get started right away even if you have no clue what you’re doing online, you’re a complete newbie, or you’ve been spinning your wheels for a long time… I break it down, take you by the hand, and serve you up a plan for success on a silver platter
  • The simple steps for researching the market and coming up with a winning product idea in less than 60 minutes… even if you currently have no ideas or think you have nothing that people would want to learn
  • The exact steps to actually begin creating your product and the types of products that will make you the most money with the least overall effort required.
  • The 3 things you MUST understand before you ever spend a penny on paid advertising.
  • Special access to my insider methods and tactics that have allowed me to go from a struggling marketer to making $20,000-$30,000 each and every month.
  • The best types of coaching programs to create, how to charge fees as high as $5,000 – $10,000+ (even if you’re just starting out), and how to scale things up from there.
  • The simple process for getting all the customers you want with Facebook, and a few other methods I’ve perfected (that almost no one is currently using)
  • The exact pricing formula I use to get the best sales numbers with my products and how you should be pricing your first product
  • The best types of coaching programs to create, how to charge fees as high as $5,000 – $So Here’s What You’ll Learn When You Join The IM Coaching Series TODAY!
  • How to follow-up with a proven plan to allows your business to keep scaling and scaling long after launch.


Determined to Make Your Life and Your Business Better!

Valerie Knies

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