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Summer Special Software Bundle with Commercial Rights



Summer Special Software Bundle with Commercial Rights

Grab this top selling software for an incredibly low price.  Find some Sunshine and grab Cheatsheet Generator and Public Domain Finder with all their bonuses in classic and deluxe edition!  The Summer Special Software Bundle includes 10 high quality products and commercial rights!  It is worth looking at the presentation page!

Summer Special Software Bundle


Valornet presents:

Get This Bundle of 10 Softwares for 86% off! 

This Includes Commercial License Rights!

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Summer Special Software Bundle

One thing I know about Alessandro Zamboni and Dirk Wagner is they always provide the highest quality products, easy to use, and practical for the entire family, not just for internet marketers.  Although they benefit the most!  Originally, this Summer Special Software Bundle with Commercial Rights was supposed to be for only 7 days.  It has been in such continuous demand, Alessandro and Dirk decided not only to keep it going into the New Year, but to reduce the price by $10.00!  

Do you want to establish authority in your business or niche?  Are you a student, a homeschooling mom, or a product developer?  Are you looking for vital information on a subject to share with others?  Use the Cheatsheet Generator.  You can also use the Sales Letter Version or the Squeeze Page Version.  More assignments with pictures and articles?  Use the Public Domain Finder or the Public Domain Finder Images Edition The informational possibilities are endless with this software bundle.

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My personal experience with the Domain Finders is astounding.  This bundle of software sells for $19.00 EACH normally, but for the next 7 days, you can get all 10 products for only $37.00!  That is for the remarkable price of only $3.70 apiece during the Summer Special Software Bundle week!  This is an 80% discount!

These tools are practical and helpful for anyone who does any kind of informational work,  especially online marketing.

This package includes:

*The Cheatsheet Generator

*The Cheatsheet Generator Deluxe

*The Cheatsheet Sales Letter Generator

* The Cheatsheet Sales Letter Generator Deluxe

*The Cheatsheet Squeeze Page Generator

*The Cheatsheet Squeeze Page Generator Deluxe

*The Cheatsheet Generator Italian

*The Cheatsheet Generator Italian Deluxe

*Public Domain Finder

*Public Domain Images Finder 

You may ask, “What can I do with the Italian Version?  Use it for Squeeze Pages in Italy! 

All of this comes with Commercial Rights so that you can sell whatever it is you create with this software!

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To help you develop your creative abilities, Valornet is including a practical bonus:  Complete Concepts with MMR to add to your value today.

Send a copy of your receipt to Bonus Claim: valornet@valerieknies.com to get your bonus.

There are some pretty awesome One Time Offers after you get the Summer Special Software Bundle with Commercial Rights as well:

OTO1 contains White Label licenses to the 8 software products (not the Italian versions), so that you can resell them all under your own name, using your own links for monetization, with your options and your price. It is $57.00

OTO2 contains White Label Resell Rights license to the 8 pieces of software, providing the chance to not only sell the basic software, but also to create a sales funnel and offer White Label branding rights as an upsell for each software. This way you can create your own profitable sales funnels for 4 Warrior Plus Deal of the Day awarded products. This license was never before offered anywhere! It is $97.00.


So there you have it.  A business in 10 boxes for the price of a dinner for two.  Alessandro and Dirk are giving us a wonderful opportunity.  They are men of highest reputation and always deliver quality.  Go to the presentation page and find out more about the Summer Special Software Bundle with Commercial Rights!

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Public Domain Finder: Images Edition box



Determined to Make Your Life and Your Business Better!

Valerie Knies


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