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Click. Design. Profit.

Now you can design

e-books and reports with

a minimal amount of work and time.

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Valornet presents:

Sqribble e-book Developer

Generate Ebooks On Demand With NEW Technology

Get Scribble for $20.10 Off by using Coupon Code “AVENGERS” at the Checkout


See the Video About Sqribble HERE!

Do you want to build a marketing list

with a doable, proven strategy? 

There is a new cloud based app

that just hit the cyber streets this week

called Sqribble

Click. Design. Profit.

Now you can design e-books and reports with

a minimal amount of work and time.

See the Video About Sqribble HERE!

Here why you will love Sqribble e-book Developer:

1. Super easy to use for newbies and

2. Incredibly stunning designs with
50 templates in 15 popular niche

3. Fast creation of ebooks and
whitepapers in no time. (no writing 

4. Instant content creation with the
automated content engine so you 
don’t have to write anything.

5. Commercial license so you can
start your own agency and profit
from day 1.

6. Agency website is included with
a pre-done portfolio to impress every
single potential client.

See the Video About Sqribble HERE!

With Sqribble e-book Developer there is a strategy that

can be used to build a list.

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FREE Commercial License! 
(Worth $497)

Kickstart Your Digital Agency Providing eBook Creation & Writing Services To Clients!

The demand for eBook creation & publishing services are up 59% from last year. Find clients today!

Here’s What You Get With Your 
Exclusive Commercial License

Commercial Rights

The Sqribble commercial license allows you to create unlimited eBooks, reports and whitepapers to sell to clients as a service!There are no annual fees or royalties to pay us. You may invoice your clients at your own rates.


Client Management Dashboard

When you get a new client, you simply add them to your client dashboard to keep track of clients and manage projects easily!You can add, edit and remove clients that you’ve finished working with too.



Feedback Engine

The Sqribble client feedback tool makes it easy to send clients your 
designs for approval, get feedback in real time, and get paid faster!

Everyone knows the basics of list building:

*Offer a free gift. 
*Get an email address.
* Build connection and promote stuff.

However, it is not always easy to find the gift.

See, to build these awesome gifts, (also
known as lead magnets), you have to 
invest a LOT of time and energy to not
only come up with the content, but ALSO
the graphics.

With  Sqribble you can create an ebook
out of ANY content or website online.

For example, you can go to a site like

Ezine Articles, do your research on a topic,

find a few good articles and put them into

Sqribble.  Next, you change them a little and

you have an instant awesome lead magnet

in about…30 minutes give or take.

That would NORMALLY have taken you
a few days to a week depending on your
skill level.

(Note: I’m not advocating plagiarism. 
With sites like Ezine Articles, you should
give credit to the content source.)

See the Video About Sqribble HERE!

Now imagine getting 100 paid buyers for
every lead magnet you create over time.

And imagine they each brought you $3 per

And then imagine you had a number of 
these working for you every single month.

That starts to add up to a full time income
after a while.

While at the same time, you have cut your
workload to nearly nothing.

With the commercial license that comes with 

Squibble,  you could start your own service

doing e-books for clients.  You could

also use it personally at home or in your business

to make your own e-books for research presentations 

or customer promotions and information products. 

See the Video About Sqribble HERE!

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With the 30 Day Guarantee that 

comes with Sqribble, you can try it out!  

I encourage you to take a look at the video

and think about the possibilities for

income this software can bring to you.

See the Video About Sqribble HERE!

Get Scribble for $20.10 Off by using Coupon Code “AVENGERS” at the Checkout

Determined to Make Your Life and Your Business Better!

Valerie Knies


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