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Video Chief DFY Videos

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Video Chief DFY Videos

Introduces You to

One of The Largest Libraries of Pre-Made Videos,

Script Templates, Voice-Over Templates And More……

Instantly Access Over 1000 1200 High-Converting Templates

Spread Across Over 75 Of The Hottest Niches!

See What These Videos Can Do For You . . .


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Video Chief DFY Videos

Video Chief DFY Videos


Do You Have the Time, the Money, the Equipment and the Skill to make dozens of your own videos to get out your message or

advertise your market? Make it easy for yourself.  Joshua Zamora has solved all your video needs. 

He has created a Done For You suite of videos, templates, voice-overs and scripts to help you make hundreds of videos

for a low, still one-time price.  Introducing Video Chief DFY Videos.

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4 Steps to your first paycheck with video marketing:

This product is for people who make business videos, or want to begin this service for clients.

Once you pick up access to Video Chief, profiting with videos will be as simple as following these 4 simple steps:

1. Login into to their web-based vault

2. Choose the niche you want to focus on

3. Download a ready-made video of your choosing

4. Flip that video and collect your $500-$1,000 check.

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Plus, you’ll be getting:

A. All the proposal and sales paperwork you need to get started

B. step-by-step training on the 3 BEST ways to find clients to sell these videos to.

So you’re getting the WHOLE package.

A ready-made product to sell – the paperwork needed to seal the deal –

and the training needed to find the clients ready to write you a check!

Talk about awesome right?

Get Your Copy of Video Chief and the Valuable Bonuses Here

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More Great Value That Comes With Video Chief: 

This is easily one of the MOST valuable video marketing resource centers online.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You’re going to be getting access to: –

  • Their latest UK Edition videos which include
  • 150 VERY professional, British accent videos in 3 dozen of the hottest niches.
  • (BOTH the white background AND green screen versions included) –
  • ALL 150 video templates from version 1.0 –
  • ALL 200 professional-style video templates from version 2.0 –
  • ALL 150 Green-Screen videos from version 3.0 –
  • Done-For-You Script Templates in case you want to make your own videos –
  • Done-For-You Voice Over templates in case you want to add your own visuals –
  • AND Complete Done-For-You Video Training templates too that you can easily sell as an upsell or use to build your list. –
  • Plus in their latest Green-Screen edition,
  • They’ve included the green-screen version of the videos as well so you can fully customize them however you’d like! –
  • PLUS, for a VERY limited-time, they’re including over 100 HD video backgrounds that you can use to customize                                                                                              the green-screen videos!

In total, there are over 1000 of these different templates to which you will get access!

Talk about amazing, right?

Get Your Copy of Video Chief and the Valuable Bonuses Here

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Fast Action Bonuses For You As Well from the Creators of Video Chief . . .

Get these Bonuses While They are Still Available!

                                                                  Bonus #1

bonus box 1

The 3 Fastest Ways To Find BUYER Clients

“Prior to going full-time online, I used to run the SEO department for 2 web design companies here in Miami. One of my roles was sales. In this bonus, I’ll be sharing with you our 3 most profitable ways to attract clients that were ready to pay us.” And that’s just the beginning of what’s covered in this bonus training.

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                                                                     Bonus #2

Bonus Box 2

Client Sign Up and Proposal Contracts

“Here you’ll be getting the EXACT contracts we use to easily get clients signed up and pay us anywhere from $500-$3000 a month. And also the EXACT contracts we use for one-time services (like selling a video to a client) Having a proper contract allows you to look a lot more professional AND truly commits your clients to working with you.”

value box $3,000

                                                                Bonus #3

Bonus Box 3

The Secrets of The $500k/month man

“In this incredible interview you will hear from a man who makes over $500k per month through his marketing agency! You will get a full insider’s view into his entire process. Plus you will receive marketing and sales training that you can use to generate some BIG paychecks. This training alone will allow you to close more deals and collect more checks.”

value box $97Talk About Some Great Bonuses, Right?

But remember, you have to make sure you act soon.  The price will be going monthly.


This is easily one of the MOST valuable video marketing resource centers online.  Truly, if you are in any way involved with SEO or small business or online business marketing for clients, then you need this resource.  This is actually a biz-in-a-video-box.  With the bonuses to help you with the business part and the ready for you videos, you can get the Agency version with the commercial use license INCLUDED, and start your own business for less than $50.00!  This video package is worth exploring.

Get Video Chief Today!

Determined to Make Your Life and Business Better,

Valerie Knies


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Video Chief Options

The Three Options are:

Personal, $27.00

Pro, $37.00

Agency, $47.00

if you can bring your lunch for a couple of days, I suggest you spend the extra $20.00 and get the

Agency.  The creative and business options it brings makes it worth the extra cost. vak

Go to the Vendors Page Here to Explore All Three Options

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