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Kevin Fahey has a message and a wonderful opportuinity for you:

“Lately, I’m been telling you about IM Checklist, as I believe,

it’s a product that will help so many people, regardless of what level they’re at.

A newbie, product creator, affiliate, author, coach or email marketer,

everyone will get a massive amount of knowledge from IM Checklist.

I don’t claim to be an expert in all the topics listed below. I’ve been marketing online since 2007,

been around the block, make connections and actually outsources many parts of my business.

So not all the volumes were created by me directly. Over the month’s I’ve teamed up with

Social Media Experts, Book Publishing Experts, Outsourcing Expert and SEO Experts.

Saying this you know you’re getting quality, up-to-date actionable content that you can use in many ways.

So far there’s 24 topics covered and over 413 checklists.

IMChecklist Man

So Many Possibilities with IMChecklists

Volume 1 – Product Creation

Volume 2 – Email Marketing
Volume 3 – Social Media
Volume 4 – Affiliate Marketing
Volume 5 – Video Marketing
Volume 6 – Canva Design
Volume 7 – Newbie Marketer
Volume 8 – Messenger Marketing
Volume 9 – Outsourcing
Volume 10 – Self Publishing
Volume 11 – WordPress
Volume 12 – Offline Business Startup
Volume 13 – Make Money Online
Volume 14 – Search Engine Optimization
Volume 15 – YouTube Advertising
Volume 16 – Copywriting
Volume 17 – ClickBank Marketing
Volume 18 – LinkedIn Marketing
Volume 19 – Selling On Webinars
Volume 20 – PLR Kickstart
Volume 21 – Google Analytics

Volume 22 – Mindset for Marketers

Volume 23 – Google Adwords

What a list and there’s, even more, to get excited about.

Each volume contains over the should video training to help you get the

most of out there and since you’re getting full access from the start you’ll get

access to the Gold Training vault which includes all past webinar replays and

access to live training monthly where you can ask any question you wish.

Ready to take the leap and see how helpful IM Checklists will be for you?

Access Everything For Just $3.00

 That’s right. Today you can get an IMChecklist Access Monthly, $3.00 Trial




Keep reading about some of the things you can do with these checklists.

#1 – Educate Yourself – These checklists were originally created for Kevin’s students to follow giving them a solid, proven step by step process to complete any task. Each paid between $1,000 and $5,000 to access just one of the volumes. With that said, you can ensure the quality is high.

#2 – Create Quality Blogs Posts – By adding a few images and some extra SEO friendly text, you can have blog posts ready to go in minutes. Get more free organic traffic from Google and offer massive value, almost effortlessly.

#3 – Create Lead Magnets – You have got the right to give these checklists away individually as lead magnets which is precisely many do with massive success.

#4 – Rebrand & Resell – Easily rebrand the checklists, include links to recommended products that services where you earn commission and build a buyers list. Win in three different ways.

#5 – Done For You Product Idea – Each checklist series took me weeks to create ensuring every part is covered on that particular topic in great detail. The hardest part about creating a product is “the idea” and then “the complete outline”. All the work is done for you.

Get Full Access To Everything For Just $3

This a deal I would not pass on…

Never be stuck for the right information again for you or your clients.IMChecklist 1: Product Creation


All checklists come in 6 different formats.

1. Online Forms

2. Google Spreadsheets
3. Excel Spreadsheets
4. MindMaps
5. PDF’s
6. Editable Doc Files.

Plus you also get full Private Label Rights

You CAN turn them into PowerPoint Presentations.
You CAN edit, add graphics and re-brand in any way you wish.
You CAN claim full authorship.
You CAN use them to create a video training course.
You CAN add them to a membership site.
You CAN use them to build your email list (individual checklists only)
You CAN use them to create blog posts or infographics
You CAN translate them into different languages

It does not get any better than this.

See Everything That’s Included Here

To Your Success,
Kevin Fahey

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