Journals Empire


Journals Empire

Now you can judge a book by its cover! The PLR Master, Alessandro Zamboni has delivered again with a complete video course  and resources to begin your own Journals Empire!

Valornet presents:

        “Journals Empire” 

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Make Consistent 3-Figure Days By Selling Custom Journals!

              Journals Empire

Did you know you could produce a book without words?

Journals are made of pages to be filled by their owners.

These are very popular right now and selling like crazy

on Amazon and Etsy.  These zero content books can easily be created,

and you can easily build a personal income by selling them.

This is an opportunity to grow a scalable business.

There are thousands and thousands

of eager consumers waiting

for new journals!  Considering you need 20 minutes

to create a journal, imagine how many you

can create in a year or two!

Holidays and Specials Days, Hobbies and Careers require journals every day. 

Why not learn right now how

to create these simple products and begin to sell them

immediately, take the course in Journals Empire!

Apart from the course cost, you won’t spend a

penny to run this business, as there is….

– No proofreading.

– No covers to outsource.

– No content to write.

– No time to throw away.

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Our Italian friend, Alessandro Zamboni was the first

to get PLR coloring books for adults popularized.  He also

started the movement for creating and selling Wall Calendars

with Wall Calendars Empire 2.

Now, he has led the way in the building a solid

business around journals.

In Journals Empire, Alessandro takes you by the

hand in his engaging video series and shows,

step by step, how to produce creative journals

to sell on Amazon or the platform of your choice.

Inside you will learn:

– The top 12 journal niches.

– How to create journals with a free online app.

– How to create recipe journals.

– How to create daily task journals.

– How to create motivational journals.

– How to create phone book journals.

– How to drive targeted traffic in 3 different ways.

– The paid way to use other journal buyers as an audience.

Also included according to Alessandro:

  •  The Top 12 Niches for Creating Hot Journals, Uncovered
  •  The Site Where You Can Find Unlimited Ideas
  •  4 Journal Niches Explained
  •  I Show You The Steps To Create Each One Of The 4 Journals
  •  How to Create Fantastic Covers For Your Journals
  •  How to Publish Your Book On KDP CreateSpace Area
  •  5 Ways to Sell Your New Journals Like Crazy

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This is a great idea for at home generated income

for people with limited time.   A teenager could do this.

If you spend one hour a day, you can produce

3 journals.  If you work 6 hours a week, you can release 24

journals a month.  If you were to work through

October and November, you would have 48 journals

to offer for the Holiday Season.

This easy method is completely revealed by Alessandro

in his course, Journals Empire.  Take a look at his

presentation page and see if this is for you.

For people who are creative and not super technical,

this is a winner for making money online.

Of course, if you are a journal lover, you don’t

even have to sell these creations,

just learn to make your own journals!

See for yourself,

 Go HERE to Find out More About Journals Empire!

The ideas and niches for Journal building are infinite.

All you need is the knowledge of how to do it and how to market it.

This is all taken care of in Journals Empire!  Take a serious100% Money Back Guarantee logo

look at Journals Empire, because great opportunities like

this do not come by often!


Start Your Journals Empire Today!


Determined to Make Your Life and Your Business Better!

Valerie Knies

This course also includes two brilliant One Time Offers

(You need to buy the first offer to get these specials):

OTO1, which sells for $27, includes 10 more step-by-step

videos to teach how to create 10 more journals.

OTO2 sells for $27 and gives you a 104-page fully editable journal

 to resell as yours.

OTO3 sells for $47  and gives you a second advanced journal with PLR rights,

which you can edit and resell as yours.


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