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IMChecklist Volume 6: Canva, with PLR


IM Checklist Volume 6: Canva

32 checklists and 32 videos, that teach you how to make professional looking graphics (that people pay for)… even if you’re a total graphics newbie.

Save time and money by quickly and easily creating your own professional designs using free software called Canva.

This package comes with PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS so you can sell this as your own product (… you keep 100%). Or you can edit or re-purpose as you wish.

IM Checklist Volume 6: Canva


Valornet presents:

with PLR

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This is one of those great Make-Money-Online Opportunities that

even a teenager could do.

All you need is an inkling of creative ability and motivation,

and you can learn from Kevin Fahey how to set up, develop,

and maintain your own graphic design business.

Digital graphics are in demand everywhere.

Take a listen to Kevin Fahey as he introduces IM Checklist Volume 6: CANVA  with PLR in his video,

IM Checklist Volume 6: Canva Introductory Video HERE

This is what is included in the IMChecklist Volume 6: Canva, with PLR:

  • You get 32 Checklists in 3 different formats that you can easily follow to create your own awesome looking graphics using a free cloud-based software (works both on Mac and PC)

  • You get 32 “over the shoulder” step-by-step training videos so you can see exactly what you need to do to create anything from social media posts and banners through to lead magnets and logos!

  • You get “Actionable Steps” under each video to encourage you to Take Action and make progress as you go through the training so that by the end you can see results.

  • You have the opportunity to sell your own designs on Freelancer sites and earn 10X more than you invest in this training within only hours from now!

  • You get Private Label Rights to these checklists with unlimited earning potential and the flexibility to use them in so many different ways…

  • Create A Canva Account ​Navigate Canva Dashboard

  • ​Create Your Canva Profile

    IM Checklist Canva

    This ad was made with Canva.

  • ​Canva Design Tools

  • ​Layouts and Grids

  • ​Canva Frames

  • ​Canva Shapes and Lines

  • ​Canva Illustration Icon    

  • ​Canva Charts                         

  • ​I Love Canva

  • ​Canva Text New

  • ​Canva Font Combinations

  • ​Canva Image Editor

  • ​Canva Color Palette

  • ​Canva Saved Design

  • ​Canva Pinterest Post   

  •  Canva Twitter Post

  • IMChecklist Access Ad

    This ad was made with Canva.

    Facebook Quote Post 

  • Instagram Post Connect

  • Presentations for PowerPoint

  • Downloading Your Designs                                                                              

  • Create A Magazine

  • ​Other Documents on Canva

  • Create Kindle Cover

  • Create e-book Using Canva

  • Blogging and e-book Section

  • Flyers and Brochures

  • Gift Certificates and Labels

  • Logo Using Canva

  • You Tube Art Using Canva

  • Banners and Headers

  • Announcements Invitations

  • Check Out IM Checklist Volume 6: Canva HERE

    These 32 step by step checklists plus 32 training videos show you how to design professional looking graphics for every project you could think of.

You can make social graphics, logos, posters, flyers, resumes, presentations, invitation, cards, photos, Facebook posts/ads /covers, e-book covers, banners for your website and more.

With these skills and IMChecklist Volume 6: Canva, with PLR, you can make you own graphics and never have to pay a designer again.  This will save you lots of money!

You will acquire the skills to become a paid designer. On sites like Upwork and Fiverr there are thousands of potential clients in the search for graphics. Charge $20 – $50 per hour for your time.

You get full Private Label Rights to all the checklists. You can use them to build your list, sell them over and over for instant profits, create a new training course from them, change them any way you want. Again, the options are endless.

Included in this package, for only $22.00, is a full course to begin a full-fledged business, or just pick up a skill set that you can use for your existing business, blog or birthdays!  The value here is enormous.

I personally use Canva almost everyday to make my own Social Media posts and ads and some personal graphics as well.  It has revolutionized my affiliate marketing and it can yours too.  Why don’t you check it out?100% Money Back Guarantee logo

IM Checklist Volume 6: Canva Introductory Video HERE      



Determined to Make Your Life and Your Business Better!

Valerie Knies


The One Time Offers following the purchase of IMChecklist, Volume 6: Canva are as follows:

OTO #1: IM Checklist Monthly membership site, $17.00 Recurring Monthly

OTO #2: IM Funnels, 6 Done-for-You Funnels, $19.95

OTO #2a:  After OTO#2, You have the option to purchase 10 additional completely done-for-you funnels with squeeze pages, bonus pages, reports, email swipes, social media post and a massive amount of training, $37.00

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