Cookbooks Empire 2: International Edition


Travelling the world in a kitchen is no longer impossible, and Alessandro and Sara did an incredible job with this guide to Self-publishing Cookbooks on the Amazon Kindle platform . There are over 100 pages of contents, ideas, strategies and techniques all for you.

With Cookbooks Empire 2: International Edition, you can start to discover this big trend,  or if you are not new to cookbooks, discover the 10 secret cuisines that sell most of the books on Kindle. Right now, you can literally sell thousands of copies of your book!

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Cookbooks Empire 2: International Edition

Discover the new Cookbooks Empire 2: International Edition

Learn how to launch new international recipe books on the Kindle and CreateSpace marketplaces!

Cookbooks Empire, International Edition

Do you remember “Cookbooks Empire”, the guide which showed you how to create a cookbook from scratch and sold more than 770 copies?

Now Alessandro Zamboni and Sara Shah have released the “International Version”, where you can learn how to create an international cuisine recipe book.

They have selected for you the top 10 cuisines in the world, giving you thousands of ideas on recipes to select and on ways to create your book.

Inside you will also discover how to publish your cookbooks on Kindle marketplace and CreateSpace (this last was missing in the first edition!)

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Cookbooks Empire 2: International Edition brings more power to the Cookbooks Empire 1. It offers more than 100 pages of top quality content, including:

– Why international cookbooks are the new trend.
– The truth about international cookbooks.
– 17 stock photo sites where you can grab thousands of free and paid photos.
– 10 golden genres for your cookbooks, each one with top ingredients, example recipes and fundamental information.
– 7 additional ideas to create new international cookbooks.
– Step-by-step cookbook creation process.
– The cookbook creation process.
– The secret ingredients to turn a simple cookbook into one marked ‘Sold Out!’
– How to publish your book in the Kindle marketplace and on CreateSpace platform.
– Category selection tips and tricks.
– 4 cookbooks-only advertising methods.
– And much, much more!



A short guide who gives you all the websites where you can find the ingredients for worldwide recipes. So you can insert your desired link in your cookbook to make it professional and complete.


A good set of 86 American cheesecakes recipes in Doc format and PDF format. You can use them the way you like, since this is a private label rights guide. You can extract recipes and use them in any way you would like.


The Cookbooks Empire 2: International Edition is a great opportunity to expand your Cookbooks Empire 1 Amazon Kindle e-book business.  Take your recipe e-books to another level.  The e-books you can create with this training, method and resources will definitely scale things up for you.  This is a great way to generate passive income, or give you the opportunity to work from home. Take a Look at the Cookbook…International Edition and see how this can make a difference for you.

Start Your Cookbooks Empire Today!  

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For Your Information, the One Time Offers:

OTO1 – The Advanced Course: This course shows how to build a recipes membership with ease, not in the classical way, $17-27.

OTO2 – Mexican Chinese Recipes: Even more recipes, this time about Chinese and Mexican cuisines, $27-47.

OTO3 – Hot Drinks and Pizza Recipes: Hundreds of recipes about pizza and hot drinks, with some exceptional bonuses, $19-37.

OTO4 – Get Your Cookbook: We give you the opportunity to get your dream cookbook created, in a snap for $127.

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Cookbooks Empire 2: International




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