How An Ex High School Teacher Discovered a
Hidden Way To DOUBLE His List Growth and Maximize His Sales
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Step by step video training on how to grow a buyer messenger bot list
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This strategy shows marketers how to increase
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Valornet presents:


There is no doubt….

That there has been a decline in open rates and click rates with email marketing

It has been staggering

Many people are looking for alternatives

Two Irishmen, Fergal & Aidan, who call themselves, “The Green Team” have found a solution to this.

Aiden has been growing a messenger marketing list and has grown his list to over 1000+ bot subscribers using Free traffic

He is now seeing over 70% open rates and 35% Click through rates with every broadcast he sends out.

Today he is pulling the curtain on his real life case study where he will show you …

    • How to set up your own bot
    • Grow a big buyers bot list for free with FB traffic using pure Automation
    • And get paid while you grow your list using his ‘DUAL-SHOCK’ method


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      Dual Shock SM


I have clicked through and bought products from Aiden, sometimes, I just click through and check out his offers. The point is, I am a very picky buyer now, and I do click through​. 

For every click through I make, I usually delete many more offers. I get MANY offers every day in my in-box. He does a great job of marketing and at presenting his affiliate package as well.

He always has good bonuses and he is serious about his business.  All of this, and he is a good teacher.

Teaching was his profession before he became a marketer and he presents his methods with ease and expertise.  I have been so impressed with Aiden and with Fergal, that I became an affiliate for both of them. There are several of their products available on valornet.blog.

With affiliate early access, I went through part of this training myself. If you follow it, it will work.  It comes highly recommended.

The One Time Offers and Bonuses are also excellent.

Grow your bot list and your e-mail list at the same time starting today!

       Grow your bot list and your e-mail list at the same time starting today!

Start Your Bot and Email Lists Today!


Determined to Make Your Life and Your Business Better!

Valerie Knies


valornet.blog, Your One Stop Paradise for Digital Products


Check out These Great One Time Offers:


DUAL-SHOCK Buyer Traffic is a  step-by-step video course that shows you how to get free traffic from Facebook and drive that traffic to a messenger bot opt-in page to build your messenger bot subscribers and email list at the same time.



OTO1 : DUAL-SHOCK Done For You Bundle ($37)

  • Guaranteed Approval To Promote High Converting Affiliate Offers
  • 10X Your Results With Done For You Coupon Codes To Drive Hungry Buyers To Your Promotions
  • Done For You Eye Grabbing Voucher Images
  • Done For You High Engagement Facebook Posts For Each Approved Offer
  • Done For You Many Chat Follow Up Sequences To Increase Your Conversions
  • Done For You Lead Magnets & 100% Resell Rights To Drive New Buyer Leads Into Your Business

OTO2 : DUAL-SHOCK Buyer Extractor Case Studies ($17)

  • Getting people from Facebook on to a Bot is probably the most challenging thing you will encounter when you begin to grow your bot list from scratch
  • With these 6 ‘Buyer Extractor case studies you will get trialed and tested techniques that will easily get buyers from Facebook to your bot landing pages
  • This product is highly recommended for new marketers starting out with the Dual-Shock method
OTO3 : DUAL-SHOCK One on One Coaching ($97)

Inside this coaching program students how to build their messenger bot subscribers buyers list through both free and paid traffic methods.

We will show you how to make monthly passive income recurring sales every single day so that they can work less time while still making money in the process

A really great opportunity to be coached and mentored by a six figure earner online.

OTO4 : DUAL-SHOCK Reseller License ($67)

Would you like to own your own high converting digital product?
When you pick up the Infinity resell rights you will be allowed to keep 100% of the profits in the funnel
All you need to do is send traffic to the sales page and let this tested high converting funnel  to be paid out instant commissions into your affiliate wallet

OTO5 : Done For You Buyer Bot ($197)

The ‘Done For You’ Buyer Bot is a completely automated system that will quickly turn your traffic and leads into BUYERS that put money in your pocket.

  •  2 Completely ‘Done For You’ Bot Sequences

Just follow the simple instructions to get these setup, and within a few minutes, you’ll have a fully automated system that turns your traffic and leads into money in your pocket… even while you sleep!

  • 2 Completely ‘Done For You’ Bonus Review Pages

These product review pages are professionally designed and proven to boost your results. Just upload and profit!

  • 100% Commissions on 2 Top-Quality Digital Products

We know it can be hard to get approved to promote some products, but when you get this upgrade, you’re PRE-APPROVED to promote 2 hot products that we’ve made thousands promoting

Three more products from Aiden and Fergal:

click picture to go to the product

Infinity Buyer Traffic

Infinity Buyer Traffic Canva ad


Emoji Traffic by Aiden Corkery and Rahim Farhoni

Traffic Flood  

           Traffic Flood by Fergal Downes





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