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IMChecklist 16: Copywriting


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Check-out Kevin Fahey’s latest IM Checklist 16: Copywriting!

Available now are 18 step by step checklists, video training and PLR rights to make you a copywriter extraordinaire!  High quality content is always assured with the IMChecklist series.Kevin has been marketing online since 2007, generated millions and helped thousands of people get their business off the ground. These IMChecklists focus on Copywriting. Once you master how to write copy everything else in marketing becomes easier and more profitable. With these IMChecklists you can…write high converting emails and salespages in a breeze, craft sales letters without having to fork out hundreds or thousands for a copywriter, write better Facebook Posts and Ads, create more engaging videos, blog with confidence and much more. Check out IMChecklist 16: Copywriting Today!  https://valornet.blog/product-reviews-and-salespage-links/imchecklist-16-copywriting/





Valornet presents:

IMChecklist 16: Copywriting

Make sure your COPY is as persuasive as it can be!


IMChecklist Volume 16

Copywriting can make or break your sales presentations.  It is also not easy. 

Kevin Fahey has made things better with his IMChecklist 16: CopywritingKevin Fahey’s latest IM Checklist is now available  and he is providing 18 step by step checklists to help you improve your copywriting skills.  Here are some things you can do when you master the art of copywriting: You can write high converting e-mails in a breeze.

You can craft sales pages without having to fork outhundred or thousands for a copywriter

You can wrtie better Facebook Posts and Ads.

You can create more engaging videos.

You can blog with confidence.

These checklists provide you with everything you need to master copywriting. Video training is with Kevin Fahey is also included in the IMChecklist 16: Copywriting package. From April 1st  until the 4th the price of this offer increases every few hours so don’t delay. This is true Valornet Value!.

Go HERE to See Kevin Fahey Explain his IMChecklist 16: Copywriting

You also get full private label rights to these checklists to use any way you wish.  Check out what is included:


1. Creative Copywriting – How To Get Started
2. Copywriting Hacks For Appealing Content
3. Copywriting Research
4. Copywriting Tools And Resources
5. Copywriting Techniques Taken From Psychology
6. How To Craft A Headline For Maximum ConversionsIMChecklist 18: Copywriting
7. Copywriting For Web Pages
8. Essential Copy Elements Every Sales Page Should Have
9. Copywriting For Sales Videos

10. Tips For Ads Copywriting
11. Social Media Copywriting
12. Direct Response Copywriting
13. How To Do Email Copywriting
14. How To Get Paid For Your Skills As A Copywriter
15. How To Do Copywriting For Newsletters
16. Copywriting Grammar Tools 
17. SEO Copywriting Checklist 
18. Copywriting Questions You Need To Ask Yourself


 Go HERE to See Kevin Fahey Explain his IMChecklist 16: Copywriting

Here are a few things you can do with these checklists.

#1 – Educate Yourself – These checklists were originally created for Kevin’s students to follow, thus giving them a solid, proven step by step process to complete any task. Each student paid between $1,000 and $5,000 to access. With that said, you can ensure the quality is high.

#2 – Create Quality Blog Posts – You can create blog posts using specific checklists. By adding a few images and some extra SEO friendly text, blog posts are ready to go in minutes.

#3 – Create Lead Magnets – You have the right to give these checklists away individually as lead magnets.

#4 – Rebrand & Resell – Easily rebrand the checklists, include links to recommended products and services where you earn commission and build a buyers list. Win in three different ways.

#5 – Done For You Product Idea – Each checklist series took Kevin and his team weeks to create, ensuring every subject is covered on that particular topic in great detail.  The hardest part about creating a product is “the idea” and then “the complete outline”.

#6 – Become a great copywriter!


Go HERE to See Kevin Fahey Explain his IMChecklist 16: Copywriting


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Here is a quick look at what you CAN do with the private label rights included:


You CAN turn them into PowerPoint Presentations.

You CAN edit, add graphics and re-brand in any way you wish.  IMChecklist Access Ad

You CAN claim full authorship.

You CAN use them to create a video training course.

You CAN add them to a membership site.

You CAN use them to build your email list (individual checklists only)

You CAN use them to create blog posts or infographics

You CAN translate them into different languages                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Remember the quality is exceptionally high Kevin Fahey guarantees you will learn a massive amount from the checklists and training.

Carefully and seriously consider these checklists as part of your personal library to make your marketing ventures reach new levels.  Visit the Private Label Rights section of valornet.blog to find out more about the IMChecklist Series and the IMChecklist Monthly Membership.  You will find the membership in the One Time Offer funnel of IMChecklist 16-Copywriting. However, if you want to think about it, you can find it always available here at valornet.blog along with the other 15 Checklists. Copywriting is an essential skill needed by all internet marketers.  If you don’t learn to write your own copy, you will likely need to outsource it. That makes this an essential investment .  It is still relatively early in the life of internet marketing, the opportunities for copywriting for of all kinds e-commerce and physical products abounds.    IMChecklist 16-Copywriting to take the video training and follow the !8 IMChecklists to master the skill of copywriting!


 Go HERE to See Kevin Fahey Explain his IMChecklist 16: Copywriting

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Here are the One Time Offers Included with IMChecklist 16: Copywriting:

Front End: 18 checklists on Copywriting, $17.00 to $22.00 (Four Day Dimesale). The price increases each day until it reaches $22.00 (still a discount from $27.00)

OTO #1:  IM Checklist Monthly membership site, $17.00

OTO #2: 10 DIM VIP Training  10 X Blowout – 10 of our best training products at a 94% discount, $97.00.

If you have any questions about the checklists or these OTOs you can message me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/valerie.knies.58, or e-mail me at valornet@valerieknies.com.

Determined to Make Your Life and Your Business Better!

Valerie Knies


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