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Proximity–Passive Income


Proximity is a completely new, never seen before, passive income method that works off of free traffic.

Proximity comes with money-making training as well as software that automates the whole process for you.

These proven methods of making passive income have been perfected by Paul Nicholls and Anthony Mancuso.

They have teamed together to bring you this package of their Video Training, Case Studies and Software

to help you on your way to over $100.00 a day in passive income.

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Valornet presents:


Passive Income Training, Case Studies and Software


Learn to make money in your sleep.

That’s exactly what Anthony Mancuso and Paul Nicholls will show you how to do inside their brand new training course called Proximity.

Click here now to see how much money these guys are making

and how you can create a steady passive income with Proximity

And this just keeps getting better…

 Anthony and Paul are actually using this method to make money.

They’ve been using this for awhile and they are both making great profit from it.

Unlike other ‘passive income’ methods that require a ton of work and are not truly passive income methods…

  • Proximity works
  • Proximity is proven
  • Proximity is newbie-friendly
  • You don’t need to invest any money to start banking cash with this
  • The income generated from this method is 100% PASSIVE (Once you get a passive profit-maker setup using the Proximity method, the money just keeps coming over and over again without any work on your part)

The Proximity–Passive Income package of Video Training, Case Studies and Software can help you on your way to over $100.00 a day in passive income. 

Proximity –Passive Income

  • This method actually is NEW…
  • You have NEVER seen anything like this before…
  • You don’t have to spend a dime on traffic…
  • The Proximity method was tested and is actually used by Anthony and Paul (the guys that are selling this training)

And because the training is done in a true, step-by-step format and it’s loaded with easy-to-follow case studies, you don’t need to bring any skills or experience to the table.  However, you do need to bring the energy and work needed to spend some time studying the training and case studies, using the software and setting up your passive money making method.

Just follow the training/  Everything laid out for you so you can get setup today.Proximity Passive Income canva

Once the Proximity method is turned on, the money starts and just keeps coming. 

Just don’t forget that if you get this, you have to turn on Proximity with some time and effort.

You really need to take a look at this one for yourself to see everything included and checkout the success stories and proof that this works…

Click here now to find out how you can make money with Proximity (A REAL unique method for making money)

(There’s a special launch discount right now!)

When you get Proximity now, you’ll get 2 money-making bonuses including a Case Study that shows you a cool method for banking $1,952.80 in 48 hours.  Of course, you have to follow the methods.

IncomeTasticIncome tastic are step by step videos for creating quick paydays online.Special bonus logo

Passive Income Machine Passive income machine is a video series revealing how

to create your own recurring monthly passive online income


Included is your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re tired of wasting money and time buying methods that end up not working as they claim…

…you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you get your hands on this TRULY brand new method for making money online.

Get Proximity so you can lock-in your time-sensitive discount and get your bonuses.

Get Proximity Income Today!  Money Back Guarantee logo

Determined to Make Your Life and Your Business Better!

Valerie Knies


P.S. A Little More About Proximity-Passive Income

The One Time Offers Are Excellent: 

OTO 1-$17-37 – Proximity Done-For-You – This is an extremely value-packed DFY upgrade that includes a list of top secret & high converting offers/cheat-sheets/templates/quick start videos.

OTO 2-$25-47- Case Studies Pack + 3x Your Profits Training  + Outsourcer Rolodex + Faster Results Upgrade – This is a MONSTER of an upgrade where you will learn how to 3x your profits with Proximity as well as see detailed case studies on real Proximity web properties that are generating daily passive profits. You will also get access to a top secret ‘outsourcer rolodex’ of A-Level outsourcers/contractors for everything you could ever need done online. Plus an EXTRA $100-$200/day method that is the perfect PAIR to Proximity.

OTO 3- $47-97 – License/Reseller Rights – You can sell Proximity as your very own product and keep 100% of the commissions!

OTO 4- $397.00 – Professional Coaching Package from Paul Nicholls and Anthony Marcuso

Results Or Your Money Back

This Comes With The Proximity 30 Day Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee 

Watch the Video about Proximity–Passive Income Today!


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