Public Domain Empire 2


Public Domain Empire 2 helps you to quickly become a public domain expert.

It is suitable for artists, internet marketers, authors, offline marketers, and other creative people.

It helps you to create passive income with works from the public domain..

Use it to create a list and start earning profits on a daily basis.

Let Alessandro Zamboni, a master at product creation

teach you and give you the resources to begin your

Public Domain Empire.

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Valornet presents:

Public Domain Empire 2

The newest version of Public Domain Empire

Brings Many More Subjects and Sources 

10 brand new methods to make cash

with Public Domain content.

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Alessandro Zamboni is back with “Public Domain Empire 2”, one of his most incredible products ever after the over 1,650 sales of the first version.

Alessandro is the master of product creation and the public domain is ground zero for him.  This product is incredible because he shares his mastery with new and more insightful information that was not included in Public Domain Empire 1.

Wikipedia says, “works in the public domain are those whose exclusive intellectual property rights have expired, have been forfeited, have been expressly waived, or are inapplicable”. in other words, usable content that is now available to create products and sell them without penalty of copyright law.  The opportunity for you to create sellable content is excellent right now.  Alessandro understands this and wants to help you realize your potential.
In fact inside Public Domain Empire 2 you will discover:
  • Everything about public domain rights.
  • 85 126 websites to find public domain works.
  • What new gems public domain brings us this year
  • 10 brand new methods to make cash (this is fantastic!)
  • And many more ideas!
If you want to start building passive income with public domain works, including ebooks, audiobooks, comics, images and photos, movies, secret documents and much, much more, this is your unique opportunity.
This is another gem by Alessandro, something you will keep on your desktop, because thanks to Public Domain Empire 2 you can build a list and start making profits on a daily basis. He completely rebuilds this version 2, with over 41 new public domain websites, 10 brand new methods (never seen before) and with a look over the 2019 most representative releases (after 20 years of pause, because of Sonny Bono’s Copyright Protection Act…)
Alessandro has spent the last year working hard on his Kindle Book expertise and he shares how to publish from the Public Domain in the One Time Offer 1.  I recommend this one.  Any instruction from Alessandro about Kindle publishing is valuable.  His excellent and complete video course about Kindle Publishing is also
available from  See the banner below.  His teaching is better than any you will get in Adult School classes or Internet courses.  Alessandro is an expert in the area of
e-book publishing..
Alesandro’s fantastic and unique ideas for publishing from the Public Domain are ready for your learning and implementation. The king of public domain is ready to increase your claim!  Take a look at Public Domain Empire 2 today and see what new ideas you can conquer!

Determined to Make Your Life and Your Business Better!

Valerie Knies

OTO1 is called “Public Domain Kindle” and shows you how to publish public domain books on Kindle marketplace. It sells for $27.The One Time Offers
OTO2 is a collection of the products published in the original funnel of Public Domain Empire 1, with all the products available for a huge discount. Only $47 instead of over $200.
OTO3 is the Kindle, Paper Books and Audiobooks video training recently published by Alessandro called, Self Publishing Kingdom-Kindle Books, available for $297.
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Alessandro Zamboni

Alessandro Zamboni offers years of experience in online marketing. His solid background is full of success, with 23 Deals Of The Day courses, and quality products sold on WarriorPlus and ClickFunnels.

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